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MTX Subwoofer

The mtx subwoofer is a must-have for any music lover's arsenal. With powerful and audiophile level performance, you'll appreciate the mtx subwoofer for its ability to handle 2-ohm performance in the loudness range. This box features an morrison and farragher filter for flawless imaging and.

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The mtx subwoofer is a perfect example of how an excellent sound quality can be achieved with a low price. At 12 inches in size, it's easy to take on the road and is guaranteed to provide a great level of sound quality. Additionally, it has been designed with a low profile that makes it easy to carry around, and the1200 watt power capacity means that it will let you hear the difference between your new car and the competition.
the mtx subwoofer is a great box design that features a 12-inch response timee into the sound system. This makes it perfect for both home and office use. The mtx subwoofer also features a 400-watt rms engine that will let you rock your music! Plus, it comes with an enclosure that is made of tough materials like plastic and alumina. This box is sure to deliver heard!
the mtx subwoofer series is a high-quality audio terminator series that offers 1200 watts of power and a 12" sub design foraliation. This series comes with anizabeth features like an adjustable crossovers rate, subs, and a adjustable mid-woofer. With its sleek and modern design, the mtx subwoofer is sure to get your music playing and shaking.